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A Dubai neighborhood renowned for its bargains, tasty food, and local vibes.

In the lively, multicultural neighborhood of Karama, you will be able to see a completely different side to the city that you may not have encountered before. In this residential district, you won't be able to find a giant skyscraper, but you'll get a sense of authentic everyday life while shopping for bargains at bazaar-style independent shops where you can find a wide variety of items.

Al Karama residential district of Dubai located on the western banks of the Dubai Creek and one of the older communities of the city. It is outwardly distinctive due to the regularity of its low-rise residential buildings. The area, which was planned on a tight grid system, is home to thousands of people even though it is only two square kilometers in size. Al Karama is the most populous residential area in Dubai and the most central part of Dubai. Al Karama is also one of the most accessible parts in Dubai, that makes it very easy for residents to travel to any other parts of the city from Karama with ease due to the wide range of transport available in the town.

Karama should definitely be added to your shopping list if you are looking for bargains. Over 300 shops are located within the Karama Market, which can be found in a number of buildings forming the central shopping hub of the city. Aside from selling gifts and souvenirs, this area is also known for selling a huge variety of fashion items as well as gifts and souvenirs. This is a great place to get your hands on bags, clothing, sportswear and accessories - but don’t forget to haggle on the price!

The city of Al Karama, Dubai, UAE

In addition to serving as one of the older areas of Dubai, Al Karama is widely viewed as a residential area, though it is also home to many commercial projects. This area has been named after a word in Arabic that means "dignity" - a word that has been derived from the word Karama. Al Karama occupies an ideal location with Zaa’beel Street as the main thoroughfare of the central area, giving way to numerous commercial units. One of the best things about it is that it is easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

With its unique vibe and proximity to Dubai Creek, Al Karama is a district in Bur Dubai that has many low-rise residential buildings that give the area a unique feel. In contrast, most visitors to Dubai think Dubai is the home of gigantic skyscrapers during their stay there, but that is not the case in Al Karama. The area, which spans a mere 2 km, is made up of a tight grid system. Despite the fact that it is one of the most densely populated areas in Dubai, the area spans a meager 2 km, yet houses thousands of people.


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Luxurious LADIES bedspace In KARAMA

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