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Emirates Hills is largely home to the wealthy business community of Dubai, as it consists of the first freehold properties to be sold in the city. The project was classified as freehold and open to anyone to purchase. The majority of owners are from wealthy families in the region and it has been noted as one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the GCC.

Although the developer, Emaar Properties, pioneered the idea of freehold property in Dubai, this was Emaar's first project where land was sold per square foot to individuals to build the house of their choice. Over time, all the plots were sold. Emirates Hills is the most expensive villa community to buy or rent a property in Dubai, buyers pay up to Dh2,604 per square foot, while renting costs Dh80 per sq ft.

Some of the residents included the late Benazir Bhutto (although her family still lives there), the managing director of Grant Middle East, Mohamed Ayyub Shaikh, Abdul Rahman Abdul Azeez, owner of Alpha Smart Security Systems Business, and the owners of the Middle East Broadcasting Center and Habib Bank.

Bed Space and Partition in Emirates Hills ,Emirates Hills have villas that contain rooms with built-in wardrobes, bathrooms with ..

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